Game Development

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What is Game Development? 

Game Development is a process where programmers, designers, artists, and many others come together to make one or more games. Some groups can be very large, big companies while others can be in small groups or individuals. It is a broad concept containing many different aspects of game development. 3D modeling, programming, marketing, designing levels can all be done by one or more people when developing games.

Learning Game Development is beneficial due to its increasing popularity, salary, and demand. Scroll down and continue reading to get started!

How to Start Developing Games?

There are many ways you can get into game development. The most popular way is to learn a game engine. Some game engines include, Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Game Maker Studio, and many more. These game engines are a bit advanced in terms of coding and designing. If you want to start making simple games, try Scratch. It is an exceptional way to visualize code and learn it. Then, once you got the hang of "conditionals, loops, and variables", then you can decide whether you want to develop games or learn a programming language. If you decide to learn a programming language and do game development later, great! There are many ways you can start learning. Some programming languages you can learn include, C++, Java, Python, and many more. Check out the Tips page for more info. 

Decided to learn game development? Great! It is recommended that you choose a engine. It is based on your preference, but most people would recommend Unity or Unreal Engine because it is more widely used and it's free (unless you make lots of money off your game). Check out the Tips page for comparing different game engines!